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ASK Environmental is a Saudi-German partnership that was established to provide cutting-edge technology. Through our solutions, we aim to meet the objectives of Vision 2030 and build capabilities within the Kingdom to provide waste management and environmental services to build a sustainable future.

Wastewater Treatment

We believe we have the best technologies for treating industrial & oily wastewater

Sludge Treatment & Tank Cleaning

We have state of the art technologies for automatic tank bottoms cleaning

Mud Cuttings Management

The most cost-effective low energy oil-based mud treatment and rejuvenation on the plant

Spent Caustics

We offer multiple top-notch solutions for the treatment of spent caustics


ASK Environmental services are based on the best and most effective technologies available worldwide. These solutions provide most desired results and save costs for oil & gas companies globally. 

However, our technologies profile extends to more than just oil & gas industry. Our solutions also serve clients in petrochemical, dairy, and most industrial sectors.

Petrochemical plant



Oily Wastewater

Using SiC Ceramic Membranes, we provide top-quality filters to manage oily wastewater.


Industrial Wastewater

Our state-of-the-art machines clean even the most polluted industrial wastewater.


Oil-Based Mud Treatment

Using patented Spiral Plate Technology to not only clean OBMs, but to rejuvenate the mud for reuse, saving thousands of dollars in the process.


Oily Sludge Treatment

Oily sludge accumulation affects industrial operations. We provide top solutions to manage the sludge and recover a high percentage of oil in the process.


Automatic Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning is a challenging process. Automatic tank cleaning technology enables remote and zero human exposure during cleaning.


Spent Caustic Treatment

We offer multiple cost-saving solutions to manage and treat industrial spent caustics streams

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If you need industrial waste management solution, We are available for you

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable processes. Our professional team works to provide most productive and cost-effective technologies on the market