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Automatic Tank Cleaning​

Oil sludge is a major waste generated from the oil and gas and petrochemical industry. This waste often proves itself as difficult to treat is often a resource extensive and time-consuming process. One major source of this is from tanks that store crude oil and its downstream products.

Conventional cleaning methods predominantly involve manually cleaning the tank by personnel, which require them to enter into the tank exposing them to a hazardous environment. Manual cleaning has major problems such as the safety of the personnel carrying out manual cleaning and has a serious impact on the environment due to the disposal of the wastes. This method is also a very low-efficiency process that takes a long time with high associated costs in the disposal of wastes and no recovery of hydrocarbons.

Due to the complexity of the manual cleaning process, it is often postponed resulting in more build-up wastes which negatively impacts plant operations through limitation in tank capacity, tank corrosion, and reduced throughput as well as alterations in the product quality.

Our automatic method of tank cleaning employs a closed-loop system that requires no entry thus making it a safer, quicker, and highly efficient method that couples tank cleaning with the recovery of saleable hydrocarbons from the sludge.

Key Advantages

Our system provides a distinctive advantage over conventional tank cleaning including:


The system is compatible with floating and fixed roofs (and even old riveted roofs) and cleans most Oil types including difficult-to-clean tanks.

Our system is ATEX compliant and has no explosion risk or exposure of personnel to hazards. The automated process is monitored throughout the process ensuring a smooth completion of the cleaning process. Our equipment is containerized thus providing mobility and swift installation even to inaccessible terminals.