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SKion Water

SKion Water company was founded in 2011 by Ms. Susanne Klatten. Currently  present all over the world through subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Asia,
South America and Africa

Ensuring access to clean water is one of the greatest challenges of the future: increasing water demand is accompanied by a decreasing supply of clean water. Pollution of existing water resources continues to increase.

SKion Water provides reliable and efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions to municipal utilities as well as industrial and commercial water users.

Ms. Susanne Klatten

Owner of SKion Water & BMW

“Without water there is no life and for water there is no substitute. For me, investing into water technology companies is both an entrepreneurial opportunity and a chance to push the protection of this precious resource.

SKion Water provides reliable and efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions to municipal utilities as well as industrial and commercial water users. It also aims at the development and implementation of innovative water technologies. What started as an idea 10 years ago, has grown into a group of diverse companies under the roof of SKion Water. Entrepreneurial management teams – who share my passion for water – create a leading holistic player in the water technology market.”

SKion Water, a subsidiary of SKion GmbH, is the water technology investment company of German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten.

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Our Vision

Ensure availability of clean water for all citizens, sustainable use of scarce water resources and protection of waterbodies from pollution, through the delivery of solutions, services and treatment plants we build.

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Our Mission

Create a global group of water technology companies who provide industries and municipalities with high quality, sustainable, economical and innovative solutions for water and wastewater treatment. We strive to break new ground, advance innovative technologies and establish the most effective solutions while constantly improving our internal processes and services in order to deliver best-in-class results. Our leadership teams operate as entrepreneurs in their market segments and collaborate with each other within SKion Water to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Our Core Values


We provide sustainable and efficient solutions, plants and services to resolve our customers' water and wastewater challenges and to protect and preserve, for future generations, the environment and water resources.


We are open to innovative and “out of the box” solutions and new ways of thinking. We are keen to learn about new technologies and business models that align with our core vision and mission. We invite, support and encourage change and aim to be a platform where entrepreneurs and visionaries can succeed.


We believe that integrity is the top leadership attribute and therefore support companies that live up to the highest ethical standards. Our employees are transparent, trustworthy, fair and honest.


We are committed to delivering the best solutions for our customers and the environment. We are committed to giving our employees the opportunity to grow personally and to grow the businesses that they lead or operate in.

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We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market