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Oil-Based Mud Rejuvenation

Many industries have long faced the same challenging task: mechanically separating fine particles of <10 microns. The new and patented Spiral Plate Technology®, developed by Dutch company Evodos, now offers a formidable process improvement. It substantially accelerates and improves fine particle separation.

Dy completely redefining this separation process, Evodos fundamentally changes the ability of businesses to separate fluid mixtures. This presentation describes the Evodos Spiral Plate Technology®, the mechanics of the Dynamic Settlers®, and its key benefits for various organizational objectives.

One key aspect that traditionally makes the particle settling process time-consuming, is the length of the path these particles must traverse before reaching their settling point. Solving this challenge required the development of brand-new technology, aimed at shortening this distance to a minimum. The Spiral Plate Technology® successfully solved this puzzle, based on the thin layer laminar flow principle.


In addition to the separation cycle benefits, the Spiral Plate Technology® is also advantageous in the discharge cycle. As the discharge technology operates quite gently, even sticky substances are discharged as a near-dry and consistent cake.

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