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Baths and cans of chemically active liquid in hazardous industries

Spent Caustics Treatment

Spent Caustic is considered a hazardous material with noxious properties and a significant impact on
downstream treatment plants, the environment, and humans. “Normal” handling and treatment of such solutions is usually difficult and costly.

Industry professionals consider Spent Caustic to be one of the most difficult streams to handle.
Typical conventional treatment options often entail high capital deployment per unit basis, high operating costs, and associated safety concerns.

up2e!’s acoustically activated AOP process (a3op) for the treatment of Spent Caustic is a technology platform with a focus on high operational safety, advantageous operating cost, and low capital investment.

The operation at ambient temperature and pressure eliminates safety concerns relating to high temperature and pressure operations. Outside these operating conditions, additional system features such as a cooling loop and gas handling system are included to ensure the continuous safety of the operation.

The a3op technology platform is modular by design and flexible to accommodate for adjustments to most specific waste stream profiles.

a3op treated wastewater yields several important benefits when it comes to onsite biological treatment plants. Toxicity issues and lack of oxygen is eliminated, ensuring better performance of onsite bio-treatment thus reducing personnel demand and improving perfomance.

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Types of Spent Caustic